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About is a global movement initiative, founded by a small and dedicated group of academics, scholars, thinkers and victims of narcissistic abuse, under the leadership of Kia Karlberg.

Kia Karlberg is a leading artist and philosophical researcher from Scandinavia, and the founder of the brand-new Anti-narcissism philosophy.

Our team will lead the first-ever international narcissism awareness campaign to encourage billions of people not only to learn about narcissism and narcissistic abuse but to also take radical steps to expose, prevent and eliminate narcissistic abuse worldwide.

The global campaign will launch on

For the next years we are planning two international campaigns; an educational campaign for kids on and another one for young people on (inviting youths to become co-designers and co-developers of the future).

We are also planning the first-ever Anti-narcissism Summit, an international conference to be arranged in Stockholm (Sweden). is a neutral, independent and interdisciplinary initiative/project/think tank, not affiliated with any ideology, religion or political party.

We work on a voluntary basis.


At this point we don’t have any capacity for correspondence, unless we contact you first.

Kia Karlberg, founder of Anti-narcissism. Photo: Henrik Karlberg.

Kia Karlberg is a heterodox researcher and scholar who fosters innovation and change through visionary, creative and fearless thinking. Kia’s field of research is narcissism (from a philosophical point of view) and its catastrophic impact on humans and society.

The current worldview is constructed by narcissists. It’s built on the basic (and false) presumptions that all humans are equally trustworthy and reasonable. Narcissists are not trustworthy or reasonable at all. Narcissists are pathological liars, unreliable narrators. If you trust a narcissist, you always draw the wrong conclusion. Our worldview and history are based on improper assumptions (on lies and distortions). We have trusted the wrong people.

Kia decided to reconsider reality from the bottom up by articulating an alternative set of axioms, to more properly describe the world (and how it operates). With her new philosophy Anti-narcissism, Kia has challenged the entirety of how human beings understand the world and our role in it. Kia’s revolutionary theory is a game-changer that dramatically changes the paradigm that scientists use to understand the world and life in general.

Kia is basically re-conceptualizing the structure of the world in the fundamental categories of non-narcissists (normal persons) and narcissists, instead of the traditional pairings our imagination normally has used (like masculine-feminine).

Kia herself is a survivor of unprecedented narcissistic abuse (both on family and political levels, including national smear campaigns, cancellation attacks, persecution and imprisonment), and has through her unique personal experiences gained insights second to none.

Kia is now the powerful and resilient voice of billions of victims. Read Shahida Arabi’s superb article “Why The Women Society Calls ‘Damaged’ Are The Most Powerful” describing powerful women like Kia.

Narcissistic Abuse Affects Over 8 Billion People in the world

Kia Karlberg, founder of Anti-narcissism


Visit Kia Karlberg’s personal website and blog in Swedish or translated into English for more groundbreaking insights.