A QUICK COURSE IN NARCISSISM (Become an Expert in 5 minutes)

To understand anti-narcissism, you need a good basic knowledge of narcissism.

In short, narcissism is a chronic, pathological and (probably) hereditary defect in the brain, which leads to a narcissist not functioning as a normal human being.

Narcissists lack several basic human functions, such as empathy, sympathy, conscience, morality and love for others. This leads to the narcissists living according to completely different rules than the rest of society, and that they have a different opinion about what is right or wrong. Narcissists can be recognized by their pathological patterns, provided there is transparency and objective information.

In reality, the narcissism disease is very harmful and specific, and follows a clear pattern. In addition to the narcissist’s behavioral pattern, the disease is recognized on cognitive, emotional and neuropsychological differences compared to normal people’s neurology. Through fMRI brain scans, one can identify consistent differences between sick and healthy people.

Science is increasingly leaning towards narcissism being a genetic and congenital disease, which could probably be eliminated.

It can be identified that narcissism (as well as the closely related disease psychopathy) runs in the family. Narcissistic parents give birth to narcissistic children. Narcissism and psychopathy can be identified early in children (long before the personality is finally formed).

Previously, it was thought that it was strict and cold (narcissistic) parents who with their inhumane behavior created new narcissists and psychopaths. There are still people who insist on believing that the disease is caused by environmental factors during the child’s early developmental stage, although it is now well known the cause is much deeper than that (genetic).

Modern research indicates that narcissists have a physical and incurable defect in the brain. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scientists have been able to measure that narcissists have physical abnormalities in the parts of the brain (cerebral cortex and amygdala) that generate empathy. When the amygdala is reduced, it means that the sick individual is incapable of feeling empathy (and will never be able to learn to). These findings overturn most old (and distorted) theories of narcissism and put the whole situation in a new light.

A brain illness, affecting the population universally

The world’s population can be divided in non-narcissists and narcissists.

It is estimated that narcissists make up only 5-20% of the world’s population (many hundreds of millions of people, possibly over a billion).

Still, narcissists cause almost all the problems in the world.

Narcissists are selfish and aggressive deceivers who lack empathy and conscience (metaphorically no heart). They only care about themselves.

Directly or indirectly, everything can be blamed on the narcissists. Narcissism is the problem behind all other problems, the root of all evils. With a little research and common sense, everyone can verify this fact.

Narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths all belong to the same group (Axis 2 brain illnesses). There is no known cure or treatment for the illness. Narcissism is the ugly illness where everybody else is treated but the ill person (the real patient).

A narcissist can be anyone, often the one you least expect. Narcissists are found everywhere in society, but especially in leading positions.

What characterizes narcissists is their desire for power and dominance.

Empirical research suggests that throughout history, narcissists have ruthlessly grabbed power and wealth, at great cost to humanity, society, science and the earth.

The vast majority of leaders, politicians and celebrities are narcissists. It’s estimated that up to 80% of politicians and leaders are selfish and heartless narcissists (and there is no scientific evidence contradicting this figure). Science does not know of a single politician (in the whole world) who would have voluntarily and publicly undergone scientific research and brain scans regarding narcissism. Science has thus not been able to establish a single politician who would not be a narcissist. It should be taken for granted that politicians are narcissists, unless they transparently prove the opposite.

Narcissists have set the agenda in every system. They write the rules, which everyone must follow, except themselves.

Our world and worldview, politics, ideologies, culture, legal systems, media, religions, and history are continually shaped by narcissists.

When the sick set the standards, we get a sick world. As political, economic, and religious leaders, narcissists have historically built an unhealthy world system, a paradigm, permeated by their sick values. Narcissism is encoded in society and culture for centuries and millennia, in every system, ideology and thought.

Narcissists are pathologically and subconsciously connected in a pattern that sustains the unhealthy system at all costs. And narcissists are attracted to each other. Individually, they selfishly move towards a common goal without even being aware of it themselves. It can be said that all narcissists are lobbyists for the world of the narcissist. This is a difficult-to-identify type of corruption that is completely unexplored for the time being.

Narcissism affects all human relations. All social systems, organizations, hierarchies, companies, cultures, religions, ideologies and structures are based on human relations. Narcissists and victims. In fact, all people on earth are victims of narcissism. The whole world is a victim of narcissism.

Narcissism is nothing new, it has always existed. Narcissism is a global, universal and historical problem. The pattern has always been the same throughout history.

Narcissists have left their mark on everything in history (including religions). Narcissists always take power, and destroy everything (no matter how well everything may have started).

The narcissists make their way by oppressing and beheading others. The list of highly sensitive and gifted people who have been beheaded, burned or killed by narcissists over the years is endless. Imagine the immense human resources the world has lost through the narcissists’ aggressive and violent oppression. Think about how narcissists have inhibited and destroyed the world’s development.

There are really no limits to a narcissist (in the worst case, they can all develop into a new Stalin or Hitler – or worse).

Narcissists are mentally ill

Narcissists do not act like normal people. Narcissists lack empathy (and understanding of empathy). Lack of empathy always results in evil, in one way or another.

Empathy is an ability to imagine, identify, understand, share and live in other people’s problems, feelings and experiences. Empathy is the most important quality and characteristic of a civilization. Without empathy, there is no justice or equality.

Narcissists are pathological liars. You can not trust their words. Either they lie, or they distort the truth, so that it suits their selfish interests and agendas. This applies to all narcissists throughout history, including all religions.

Narcissists are driven by a quest for power, status, and fame, seeking only their own good. Narcissists spare no means to achieve their goals, or keep their mistakes secret.

“Image is everything” is the narcissist’s mantra.

Narcissists are hypocrites, masters of acting. They are such exceptional actors that they can fool everyone around them.

Narcissists project their own faults and crimes on others. Narcissists thus blame others for what they themselves are guilty of.

Narcissists always pretend to be innocent victims.

Narcissists are skilled at achieving their goals, always at the expense of others.

Narcissists always take the credit, but never responsibility, blame or consequences for anything.

Narcissists divide and separate people. Narcissists bring with them conflict, violence, drama, inequality, exploitation, misery and injustice.

Narcissists are attracted to each other. When narcissists cooperate, the violence becomes exponential.

Narcissists automatically protect each other, otherwise they will all be exposed.

Narcissists have devastating consequences for everyone around the world.

Scientific research shows that narcissists always take power everywhere. The pattern is always the same. The narcissists go to the top of every hierarchy, and then lead evil down through all systems, regardless of nation, era or context. They affect everything and everyone. This, of course, leads to injustice and inequality.

Scientific research also indicates that when a narcissist leader disappears or gets replaced, another narcissist always takes his place. Evil is thus replaced by new evil. When you examine history, you can see that this is how it is (and always has been).

When people have tried to solve old problems, new problems are born instead. Narcissists breed hatred and violence. Violence breeds more violence. Evil only changes shape. It’s like fighting windmills, fencing in the air. It’s a vicious circle. The narcissists always adopt new disguises and flee from accountability.


Narcissists (and psychopaths) selfishly want to dominate everyone and everything. Gaslighting is one of the narcissists’ most important and effective ruling techniques. In practice, gaslighting is a dangerous psychological weapon (psychological warfare).

Gaslighting is a psychological manipulation technique, a form of insidious and elaborate brainwashing, a pattern of disgusting and abusive behaviors with the intention of not only affecting you, but completely breaking you down as a human being and then controlling you.

The technique is frighteningly effective, and psychologically devastating (much worse than you might think). Gaslighting is psychological violence.

Gaslighting is used by narcissists at all levels of society, from personal and workplace relationships to politics, mass media, advertising, culture, religion and history writing.

We must remember that we live in the narcissistic world system, where most of what we see and hear is gaslighting in various forms.

The manipulator can be one or more individuals, or a group, and the victim can also be one or more individuals, but also an entire country or an entire world. The manipulation can e.g. take place within the family, in school, in the workplace, in the church, in culture or in society as a whole.

Whenever someone has power and control over information, there is potential for gaslighting. The one who has control over the information can dictate reality to everyone else.

Still no cure for narcissism

There is currently not a single documented case where a narcissist would have been successfully cured. As of today, there is still no cure.

The narcissists’ brain defects are thus currently incurable.

Finding a medical cure for narcissism will probably be science’s biggest challenge ever. It should however be possible.

The solution

The prevailing paradigm is incapable of changing the status quo because it is built on narcissistic grounds.

There has been a lack of a scientific framework to be able to understand and explain the problem. In the current paradigm, that is not really possible. The paradigm is designed to protect narcissists and their interests. Narcissism is taken for granted, and it must not be questioned.

You must therefore look at the world and its history with completely new eyes!

Science and the exchange of information have brought forth new knowledge.

We have identified the narcissism problem.

Thus, there is a whole new real opportunity to improve the world. After all, a very small percentage of the population is behind the world’s problems and conflicts.

The solution is much simpler than most people think: Anti-narcissism.

Anti-narcissism is common sense combined with new and groundbreaking insights. Anti-narcissism not only rewrites the rules, it creates a whole new game.

We can opt out of narcissists.

We can expose the narcissists and their violent and selfish world.

We can exclude all narcissists from politics, power, media, business and religion. We can opt out of narcissists from personal and romantic relationships.

We can stop believing their lies and manipulations.

We can go No Contact with all narcissists.

We can decide for ourselves.

The choice (and responsibility) is yours.