63 Things You Should Know About Narcissists (IMPORTANT)

Here are 63 fundamental things everyone should know about narcissists.

  1. Every narcissist is a deceiver.

  2. Narcissists hide behind a sweet, nice and sympathetic facade. Narcissists are often the most beautiful people on the outside. Charming and charismatic, with a perfect facade.

  3. In reality, narcissists are evil, egocentric, manipulative and unbearable people.

  4. Narcissists have an incurable defect in their brain, which means that they lack several basic human functions such as empathy, sympathy, conscience, morality and love for others. They have a different view of what is right or wrong.

  5. Narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths all belong to the same group.

  6. Narcissists are much more common than you think. They can make up up to 20% of the earth’s population. That is over 1,000,000,000 people. Exact statistics are lacking because narcissists do not want to be discovered or revealed.

  7. A narcissist can be anyone, often the one you least expect. Narcissists are found everywhere in society, but especially in leading positions.

  8. It can be difficult to detect a narcissist. It is easier to look for (and examine) the clear and predictable patterns of narcissism, which never change.

  9. Narcissists are driven by a quest for power, status and fame, seeking only their own good. Every relationship with a narcissist is one-sided and destructive.

  10. Narcissists spare no means to achieve their goals, or keep their wrongdoings secret.

  11. The narcissists’ secret lives behind the facade are often characterized by: infidelities and partner changes, corruption, crimes and secrets, various forms of abuse and dependence, irresponsible finances, outbursts of anger and psychological violence, strict parents and mentally ill families.

  12. ” Image is everything ” is the narcissist’s mantra.

  13. Narcissists hate truth, openness and reality, because all of that reveals them.

  14. Narcissists will do anything to prevent anyone from having insight into what is going on. Everything must be kept secret. They want complete control in complete darkness.

  15. Narcissists project their own faults and crimes onto others. Narcissists thus blame others for what they themselves are guilty of. They call others what they themselves are (reverse truth).

  16. Narcissists turn the environment against the victim, isolate the victim and cut off all support.

  17. Narcissists are hypocrites, masters of acting. They are such exceptional actors that they can fool everyone around them.

  18. The words of the narcissists do not match their actions. Their words are false and useless. Everything is a theater.

  19. Narcissists lie so they believe it themselves. And they lie about everything.

  20. The narcissists’ truth and facts are whatever they think. Things are always taken out of context and distorted to fit the narcissist’s story.

  21. Narcissists always pretend to be innocent victims.

  22. If you trust a narcissist, you always draw the wrong conclusion. A normal person does not understand how a narcissist thinks and works, and is therefore deceived.

  23. Narcissists live in an illusionary world.

  24. Narcissists have their own, ever-changing, rules of the game.

  25. Narcissists believe they are entitled to precisely everything, and that they stand above everyone else.

  26. Narcissists always expect special treatment.

  27. Narcissists have a huge need for control, and want to dominate at all costs.

  28. Narcissists use various domineering techniques, violence, threats and extortion to get their will through.

  29. Narcissists always take the focus away from the real issue.

  30. Narcissists create smear campaigns against everyone who stands in the way of their ego. They use smear campaigns to divert people’s attention from the truth, and to isolate the victim from potential sources of support.

  31. Narcissists insult, mock, humiliate and defame others. They do not respect the boundaries of others.

  32. Narcissists create conflicts, drama and intrigue, where the narcissist’s only goal is to dominate and destroy his opponent.

  33. Narcissists are skilled at achieving their goals, always at the expense of others.

  34. Narcissists are not loyal to anyone. They can switch sides at any time. They do not believe in anything but their own excellence.

  35. Narcissists do not keep agreements and contracts.

  36. Narcissists distort everything so that the fault is put on others.

  37. Narcissists have unrealistic demands.

  38. Narcissists think that they have only rights and no obligations.

  39. Narcissists always take the credit, but never responsibility, blame or consequences for anything. They pick the raisins out of the cake.

  40. Narcissists are easily offended and hypersensitive to criticism. They are offended by everything and everyone. This reveals the narcissists’ low self-esteem.

  41. Narcissists are miserable, unhappy and wretched behind the facade. Their lives are marked by frustration, dissatisfaction, depression and loneliness.

  42. Narcissists do not want to grow older. They want to be forever young and beautiful. Appearance is important to them. As they get older, they become even more depressed.

  43. Narcissists are never happy with themselves. Many narcissists therefore shape their appearance through excercise, beauty surgeries and tattoos.

  44. Narcissists are incredibly jealous.

  45. Narcissists are obsessively suspicious and paranoid.

  46. Narcissists are self-destructive people.

  47. Narcissists bring with them conflict, violence, drama, inequality, exploitation, misery and injustice.

  48. Narcissists divide and separate people. The narcissists then create internal battles and pit everybody against each other.

  49. Narcissists love hierarchies if they themselves are at the top or can get there. Through hierarchies, narcissists channel their evil and bring out the worst in everybody.

  50. Narcissism is nothing new, the problem has existed throughout history. Since time immemorial, narcissists have always taken power. In all circles, large and small.

  51. The narcissists make their way to the top of every hierarchy, and then lead evil down through all systems, regardless of nation, era or context. They affect everything and everyone. This, of course, leads to injustice and inequality.

  52. Narcissists have set the agenda in every system, ideology and religion. They write the rules, that everyone must follow, except themselves.

  53. Our world, culture and history are shaped by narcissists (to secure their selfish interests). Narcissists have left their sick mark on everything.

  54. When one narcissist disappears, there is always a new narcissist that replaces the previous one. It’s a vicious circle.

  55. Narcissists do not like to be publicly pointed out as narcissists. They want to be a needle in a haystack. Or even worse – a needle in a needle stack.

  56. Narcissists automatically protect each other, otherwise they would all be exposed.

  57. Narcissists do absolutely not want to be exposed or disarmed. They publish a lot of incorrect and distorted information (gaslighting) about narcissism, which protects the interests of all narcissists.

  58. Narcissists are pathologically and subconsciously connected in a pattern that sustains their unhealthy system at all costs. They constitute an unconscious primitive collective force with a common aspiration.

  59. Narcissists are attracted to each other. When several narcissists cooperate, the violence becomes exponential.

  60. Narcissists spare no means to achieve their goals – to dominate and exploit their surroundings. Every narcissist is a tyrant, dictator and oppressor (on a small or large scale).

  61. Narcissists have devastating consequences for everyone in the whole world.

  62. The evil malevolence of narcissists never changes. There is no cure or remedy.

  63. Narcissism is the problem behind most other problems – the root of all evils.

We must focus on anti-narcissism and impose restrictions on narcissists. Learn how to recognize the narcissists’ gaslighting.

This article originally appeared in Swedish on Kia Karlberg’s personal blog kiakarlberg.org. The article is auto-translated to English. You can visit an English auto-translation of kiakarlberg.org here.