PRESS RELEASE: Introducing Anti-narcissism

The PRESS RELEASE that rewrites the future. Introducing ANTI-NARCISSISM, the new philosophy that can solve all the problems in the world.

Introducing ANTI-NARCISSISM, the new philosophy that can solve all the problems in the world

GLOBAL, April 23, 2021 – Today, the Scandinavian narcissism researcher Kia Karlberg introduces her new philosophy ANTI-NARCISSISM on a global scale. Anti-narcissism is a groundbreaking philosophy that has the potential to solve all the world’s problems and conflicts. The official website is launched today.

Kia Karlberg has, through her research, discovered a pattern that no one has seen before.

She has come to the revolutionary realization that narcissism is the root cause of most problems in the world (the root of all evils), and that narcissism can be identified and eliminated through Anti-narcissism.

Researcher Karlberg roughly divides the world’s population into two groups; non-narcissists (normal people) and narcissists. This division is based on people’s brains.

Modern research indicates that narcissists may have a physical defect in the brain, leading to their abnormal behaviour. A narcissist thinks and functions differently from normal human beings. Narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths all belong to the same group.

The defect is pathological, chronic, incurable and probably hereditary.

It is estimated that the narcissists make up 5-20% of the world’s population, hundreds of millions of people. This part of the population causes (directly or indirectly) almost all of the world’s problems, and prevents possible solutions. Most politicians are narcissists.

Kia Karlberg highlights three things that characterize narcissists:

  1. Narcissists lack empathy, conscience and love for others. Narcissists live according to completely different rules from the rest of society, and they have a different idea of what is right or wrong. They spare no means to achieve their goals, to selfishly dominate and exploit the world around them. Every narcissist is basically a tyrant, dictator and oppressor, on a small or large scale. Lack of empathy always results in evil, in one way or another.

  2. Narcissists have a limitless desire for power. Narcissists can be found everywhere in society, but especially in leading positions. Historically, narcissists have always taken power, everywhere. The sick set the standards, and affect everything and everyone. This, of course, leads to injustice and inequality. The narcissists have created a sick, violent and overexploited world, full of conflict, drama and misery. They’ve poisoned everything since the beginning of time.

  3. Narcissists lie, distort and manipulate. They are incredibly skilled actors and deceivers, and experts on gaslighting. They’ve fooled everyone. They always take credit, but never responsibility, blame or consequences for anything. They always pretend to be victims.

You can never trust a narcissist. Yet they have dictated our reality and written our history.

Today, narcissism can finally be identified, based on both human behavioural patterns and on cognitive, emotional and neuropsychological differences compared to normal people’s neurology.

In practice, this means that it’s possible to scientifically reveal and counteract narcissism, and its devastating consequences. It’s time to stop the narcissists.

To do this as efficiently as possible, Kia Karlberg has founded Anti-narcissism, a completely new philosophy that not only rewrites the existing rules – it creates a whole new game. It’s a revolutionary but simple philosophy, a small seed for a new and healthier worldview (an anti-narcissistic paradigm).

Anti-narcissism already exists, it’s automatically built into every healthy human being by nature. Everyone knows the basic idea, but it is the first time in human history that the philosophy actually has been documented, formulated and explained in a scientific way. Never before has anyone demonstrated how narcissism has completely dominated our societies and our worldview.

Narcissism really is the root cause of all inequality and injustice in the world. By eliminating narcissism we could solve all the problems in the world. It’s as simple as that. This might be the biggest epiphany in mankind.

Kia Karlberg, founder of Anti-narcissism. Photo: Henrik Karlberg.

“The last pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place, as a result of years of interdisciplinary research combined with my unique, personal and tragic experiences as a multiple victim of narcissism. I’m a victim of both individual narcissism and collective narcissism, at the highest level. I’m oppressed and vilified, my assets and my freedom are unjustly taken away, and I have been thrown in prison, under total secrecy, against all democratic principles”, says Kia Karlberg, and continues: “But everything I have had to go through has made me an incredibly strong woman, a powerful voice for billions of victims. Everything that has happened only confirms my theories, and this has given me tremendous insights that I now want to share with the world.”

“My discovery may sound simple at first, but once you start to realize what it means; that basically everything is rejected, everything you’ve learned, everything you know, everything you think and everything you believe – that none of it is true anymore… what happens then?” asks Kia Karlberg.

Anti-narcissism changes everything, it is perhaps the greatest discovery in the history of the world. It is a complete reset and restart, a totally new operating system.

Anti-Narcissism can be a particularly valuable tool for all journalists and media that want to present objective information and truth. Thanks to the new philosophy, it is easier to recognize untruths and distorted information from narcissists.

“You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them” said Albert Einstein.

Karlberg hopes that anti-narcissism will be an eye-opener and a springboard for politics, journalism and scientific research, and that the philosophy will eventually lead to revolutionary changes in society. The ultimate goal of the philosophy is, on the one hand, a peaceful global revolution and, on the other, to find a cure for narcissism. Finding an effective cure is probably science’s greatest challenge ever.

Anti-narcissism is an inclusive philosophy for the betterment of all. Anyone (even narcissists) can be anti-narcissists.

Anti-narcissism is the philosophy that can save the future of the world.

More information: | Official anti-narcissism website (launched this week). | Kia Karlberg’s website and blog, lots of information (in Swedish, translated to English here: )

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