Everything must go.

The Rules

We believe that Anti-narcissism could be the key to dealing with and solving all the problems that the world is struggling with. Whatever the problem. Everywhere in the world. This is one of the most fundamental discoveries in world history.

The prevailing paradigm is incapable of changing the status quo because it is built on narcissistic grounds. The paradigm is designed to protect narcissists and their interests. Narcissism is taken for granted, and it may not be questioned. This is conceptually an improper pathway.

You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them.

Albert Einstein

Anti-narcissism requires the adoption of a different state of mind. You must look at the world (and its history) with completely new eyes – and fundamentally retool your presumptions about how the world operates.

Anti-narcissism does not only rewrite the rules – anti-narcissism creates a whole new game.


One should never trust the words of a narcissist,
nor anything created, touched or influenced by a narcissist.

One should exclude a narcissist from power.

One should deconstruct and dismantle everything a narcissist has created or inspired.

One should value and respect actions and things that are favourable for the earth and the humanity as one.

One should devalue everything that is favourable only for certain individuals, groups or nations, at the expense of others, or that is attained by any form of manipulation or physical/psychological violence.

One should love everyone slightly more than oneself.

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