We have a small idea – for a big change.


Anti-narcissism is a new philosophy from Scandinavia. It’s a seed to a new, upgraded worldview, and a spark for a potential revolution. It’s possibly the biggest epiphany in mankind.

The central belief is that narcissism is the root cause of all evils, the problem behind most other problems in the world. Throughout the short history of mankind (we are only in the very beginning of our million year quest) selfish narcissists have ruthlessly grabbed power and wealth, at great cost to humanity, society, science and the earth, always adopting new disguises, telling new lies, spreading hatred and intolerance, and seeking new victims.

Humanity is off to a bad start but we can easily change the course, through participatory culture, global collective intelligence and artificial intelligence, simply by disarming narcissists.

The key is to understand:

  1. what narcissism really is (the illness and behavioural pattern).
  2. that humans are either non-narcissists (normal persons) or narcissists.
  3. how many the narcissists are – and exactly who they are.
  4. the pathological consequences of narcissism (on our society).

Anti-narcissism strives to expose and eliminate narcissism (and its catastrophic impact on humans and society).

We ask: What if we decide to eliminate narcissism and reconsider reality from the bottom up (without narcissism)? What if we decide to base our new worldview on empathy, equality and love?

We believe that the world would become more just, equal, prosperous and sustainable for all.

We believe that anti-narcissism could be the key to dealing with and solving all the problems that the world is struggling with. Whatever the problem. Everywhere in the world. This is one of the most fundamental discoveries in world history.

This is the basic concept of anti-narcissism, and in fact, these ideas already exist in all healthy human beings (by nature). Almost everyone is already an anti-narcissist, without knowing it. Anti-narcissism is an inclusive philosophy – everyone (even narcissists) can be anti-narcissists.

It may sound too simple at first, but please accept anti-narcissism as a small seed. Let it grow and nurture it carefully.

Investigate and research for yourself. Review it from all angles. The seed may be small and simple, but the discovery is incredibly large and revolutionary.

Once you recognize the pattern you will see it everywhere.

In order for everyone to understand, we present this complicated problem in a simple and rather banal way, free from formalities. The discovery may sound simple at first, but once you begin to realize what it means – that basically everything you have learned, everything you know, everything you think and everything you believe – everything is rejected – it is no longer true… what happens then?

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