How to change the world in five steps.

Step 1. Awareness.

Discover the narcissism problem. Being aware is the first step to stopping narcissism.

Step 2. Knowledge, research & education.

The more you learn the more you understand. Learn about narcissism, the narcissistic pattern, narcissistic abuse and gaslighting.

Realize how narcissism corrupts every aspect of the narcissist’s behaviour and activity (not only their personal relations).

Step 3. Identification.

Identify narcissism and its destructive pattern in relations, people, politics, media, judiciary systems, power structures, communities, religions, history and the whole world. Integrate anti-narcissism in your life. Apply the knowledge to the problems you are struggling with. You get a whole new tool to tackle the problems with.

Step 4. Actions.

Engage and take measures to counteract and eliminate the problem.
Start by criticizing the current system. Then take active steps to change the world. Identify the possibilities for action within your area of expertise.

The goal is to develop scientific methods (impossible to manipulate) to diagnose and expose narcissistic people and prevent them from doing further harm, by removing them from power and by disarming them.

Start today. Every little step counts. Every step in the right direction is valuable.

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Step 5. Revolution.

The existing framework has to be dismantled so that a new, healthy framework can be built. Dismantle all systems that the narcissists have constructed for power, control and dominance. Expose all lies. Expose history. Care for nature and the earth. Distribute resources justly and responsibly for everyone’s benefit.

The goal is to start the biggest and most peaceful revolution ever; the beautiful revolution (une très belle révolution), a global revolution that overthrows the narcissist’s worldview.

United, one people, one world, one future!

Science and technology have enabled a collective intelligence like never before. Only through innovative interdisciplinary research, collective intelligence and global unity can we together find a solution to the narcissism problem. Together we can expose the narcissists and their power play.

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