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We believe that narcissism is the root cause of all inequality and injustice in the world (the problem behind all other problems). We believe that all the problems in the world could be solved by eliminating narcissism.

Our mission is to make the world just, equal and sustainable. Our aim is to expose and eliminate narcissism.

We see participatory culture, global collective intelligence and artificial intelligence as keys in solving the challenge.

Our long term goals are:

  1. to start the greatest and most peaceful revolution ever; the beautiful revolution (une très belle révolution) – a global revolution that overthrows the narcissists’ worldview.

  2. to find a cure for narcissism (this might be the greatest scientific challenge in mankind).

We have conceptualized this process in two stages (encompassing 2-3 human generations, completed well before the year 2099).

Stage 1

A. Act as a stepping stone.

Initially we are acting as a stepping stone, by raising awareness, sharing knowledge, sparking public debate, inspiring interdisciplinary scientific research, influencing public opinion and journalism, and questioning policies and politics.

Our goal is to build a worldwide network of experts, intellectuals, scientists, philosophers, psychiatrists, victims, activists, advocates, royals, politicians, leaders, journalists, artists, writers, influencers, anti-narcissism ambassadors and lobbyists, who relentlessly address the issue on a global, national or regional level.

B. Introduce the words narcissist, narcissism, anti-narcissism, anti-narcissist and gaslighting into every persons vocabulary – and coin them as new buzzwords.

C. Ask leaders and politicians whether they are anti-narcissists or pro-narcissists, and make their declarations known to the public.

D. Act as consultants for royals, presidents, prime ministers and global leaders, sharing our epiphany and extraordinary insights.

E. Encourage, inspire and unite local and national anti-narcissism movements all over the world.

F. Empower and educate non-narcissists.

Our goal is that every person on earth would identify narcissists, narcissistic abuse and gaslighting (making the population immune against narcissism).

G. Expose and disarm narcissists.

Our goal is to develop scientific methods (impossible to manipulate) to diagnose and expose narcissistic people and prevent them from doing further harm, by removing them from power, by disarming them, and by holding them responsible, in full transparency. Artificial intelligence is vital in this step.

H. Promote gifted and highly sensitive persons (who have limitless empathy and enormous capacities) to leadership positions.

Stage 2

A. Eliminate narcissism by finding a scientific cure.

B. Deconstruct all systems, frameworks and power structures that the narcissists have created (or influenced) in their selfish pursuit to achieve power, control and dominance.

C. Expose all the narcissistic lies and constructions in society and history. Reveal the unbiased, objective and transparent truth.

D. Care for nature and the earth. Distribute resources justly and responsibly for everyone’s benefit. Create a sustainable and healthy world based on empathy, collective intelligence and love.

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