The simplest solution is the best solution (Occam’s razor)

Occam’s razor is a principle of thinking (a problem-solving principle in science) which means that one shaves off all unnecessary assumptions to find the simplest explanation.

You should not assume more things than what is needed to explain the observations you make. If there are several explanations, one should choose the simplest. The idea comes from Aristotle, but is named after the philosopher William of Ockham (ca. 1287–1347).

I love to peel away everything unnecessary. I’m a minimalist. One shouldn’t complicate things unnecessarily.

Narcissists are the exact opposite. They love to mess up everything. They live on gaslighting and confusion. Read 63 things you should know about narcissists.

The narcissists have destroyed our world. Narcissism is the root cause of all evils. Most problems are in fact just symptoms of narcissism. It’s easy to see, when you peel away everything unnecessary.

The simplest solution is the best. It’s here in front of you. A whole new perspective.

Narcissism is the problem behind most other problems. We must eliminate narcissism.

It may sound too simple and banal, but accept Anti-narcissism as a small seed. Let it grow. Investigate and research for yourself. Review it from all angles. The seed is small and simple, but the discovery is incredibly large and revolutionary. Gigantic.

So many people have invested a lot of resources, in hopeless attempts to solve the world’s problems. Still, everything has been stuck in the same place, or just gotten worse. There are no sustainable solutions. The world is heading for its doom.

Why make everything so complicated?

Instead, see through the narcissists’ smokescreens and gaslighting. See through the game of narcissism. And use Occam’s razor yourself, like all great scientists. Go straight forward. Disperse the fog and light your candle, and you will see things that no one else has seen.

Deep down, everyone knows it’s that simple.

That the answer is right there in front of everyone. That it already exists in every human being.

That anti-narcissism can be the answer, the solution and the explanation.

Stop playing the narcissists’ game. Stop believing their lies and manipulations. Go No Contact with them. It is as simple as that. Then it’s game over for them.

Why complicate things unnecessarily, when the solution can be so simple?

This article originally appeared in Swedish on Kia Karlberg’s personal blog The article is auto-translated to English. You can visit an English auto-translation of here.